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Put a price on carbon - NOW!

Putting a price on carbon emission is strongest measure we can take now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage lower-carbon growth. And the price needs to be high enough to force companies to shift their business models to reduce their CO2 footprint.

For years and years, we have heard the call for an effective carbon price, but time is running out. With large sums committed now to a post-COVID "green reboot", we need to ensure that this money now goes towards a sustainable future and incentivices a carbon-free economy.

Join us in demanding a carbon price.

It is time to become an activist for carbon pricing. We all need to demand this to happen on a global level. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Vote for the party that is committed to enacting a carbon price in the next legislative period.
  • Engage with your community to undestand the importance of a carbon price - now!
  • Use your personal outreach on email and social media to alert of the urgency.
  • Follow #PutAPriceOnIt

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By now, there is a broad consensus across all spectrums of society that is carbon price is the most important measure to take against the climate crisis and the only way to achieve the targets set back in 2015 in the landmark Paris Agreement. Not only sustainability experts, but also almost all segments of commerce and industry are now in favor of it. It is the only path forward.

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