Investment strategy

Although we believe all of the Sustainable Development Goals are important, our focus is investing in solutions that preserve our biosphere and help to create a more sustainable economy.

Our Values

We believe businesses that partner with communities and nature create more value than businesses that are purely profit driven.

Our Mission

We partner with purpose-driven investors and businesses that create positive impact and respect planetary boundaries.

Our Approach

When deploying capital we seek the right balance between direct investment and working with fund managers on specific asset classes.

We have a responsibility and a deadline.

Greenhouse gas emissions produced by fossil fuels trap heat, melt polar ice, and release buried methane deposits. Unsustainable forestry, agricultural, and mining practices deplete natural resources that offset carbonization. Species are being extinguished at an unprecedented rate, endangering ecosystems and food production.

We have limited time to act and the investment community can play a key role evolving more sustainable business models. Our investment priorities include the following solution areas with a focus on mitigating climate change and preserving our biosphere for future generations.


Focus on 100% clean energy, alternative bio-based materials, reforestation and efficient water infrastructure.


Focus on production and distribution of food using techniques that minimize carbon footprint and waste.


Focus on solutions that optimize energy and materials usage and enable efficient recycling or ‘2nd life’.


Focus on transportation, water and waste treatment, energy efficient buildings and green urban areas.


Focus on front-runners in sustainable innovations without compromising quality of life or health


Focus on protecting habitats and biodiversity, climate change, clean air and water, oceans and forests.